Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Country Club Park

Country Club Park sign @ 12th and Arlington 
Located between Olympic and Pico (to the north and south), and Western and Crenshaw (to the east and west), the historic Country Club Park neighborhood was named for its close proximity to the original Los Angeles Country Club (which has since moved to Wilshire Boulevard, just west of Beverly Hills). Despite a somewhat obscure location by today's standards, the area boasts a coterie of beautifully maintained early 20th century residences that make you feel as if you're taking a stroll through the Golden Age of Californian history.

Definitely worth a walk.

Here are some of the architectural wonders you will see if you take the time to follow suit.
Gorgeous Country Club Park house
they sure don't make 'em like they used to...

window to another world

same house, side view; can you tell I'm obsessed? 

pretty garden 

love the curtains

beautiful mansion on the corner of 12th and Arlington

love the windows

That's right; the Avatar Meher Baba Center is right down the street 

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