Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunny Day in Silver Lake

Oh how I love Sunset Junction, the wildly eclectic enclave nestled in LA's Silver Lake district. With its slightly gritty feel and unique mix of locally-owned boutiques, ethnic eateries, apothecaries and watering holes, the area often draws comparisons to Brooklyn, NY (mostly from east coast refugees).  Locals are extremely loyal to - and protective of - the neighborhood...and with good reason; a large part of the charm is due to the  "ma and pop shop" feel and absence of big box chain stores and commercial retailers.

"Sunset Triangle" images courtesy of
Sunset Junction recently gained yet another attractive feature when one of the adjoining streets was transformed into a pedestrian friendly plaza alternately known as Sunset Triangle.  The 11,000 square foot site now serves as an informal town square triangle and community gathering place thanks to the City of Los Angeles Planning Committee's Streets for People (S4P) initiative, which converts underutilized areas into public spaces:

As you will soon learn, I prefer to visit destinations like Sunset Junction on random weekday afternoons to avoid crowds and enjoy a more leisurely experience. This is what I did on a beautiful sunny day last week with my friend, and Silver Lake resident, Jessica.  Here's a taste of our observations, ruminations and recommendations:

Fab vintage glass ware at Bar Keeper

I heart the vintage cocktail emporium Bar Keeper, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that they now sell the liquor that's to be shaken and stirred into all of the fabulous glassware that's peddled there. Rumor has it; owner Joe is a consultant on one of my favorite shows; Mad Men. Makes mad sense. 
bitters bar at Bar Keeper 

funky vintage cup receptacle 
Reform School is an amazing retail space that offers everything for the everywoman/man (that was on purpose)--from rad home decor to slick vintage threads to stationary that makes you actually want to send a letter to someone via snail mail. wow:
lovely fort standard necklaces
Jeremy Rendina Mayan calendar from Reform School 
cool storage from reform school. good luck.
If you're ever in the market for paper candy box art, this is the place to go.

 Moving on to cheese...
the cheese store of silver lake is the ultimate.- yum!
there's so much more to discover.

especially the new menu at Local (aka. Project Ivanhoe)

happy talking, eating, drinking, shopping and walking.

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