Friday, May 11, 2012

Walking music for your weekend: Ane Brun

I'm kind of obsessed with the tune " "Do You Remember" from Norwegian-born artist Ane Brun.
Since the 2011 release of her latest album, "It All Starts With One", Brun has toured with two other artists that I hold in the highest regard - Peter Gabriel and Ani Difranco; she's also featured on Gabriel's most recent album, New Blood, where she lends her glorious voice to the classically beautiful track, "Don't Give Up".

Ms. Brun is definately one to watch.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Historic Hermon

Who knew there was a quaint historic district of LA called Hermon? I certainly did not... until a friend took me there the other day for a walk-about. It was quite a treat. The neighborhood once featured an elevated bicycle "freeway" which served as a pre-automobile through-way between downtown Los Angeles and Pasadena in the late 1800s/early 1900s.  Today all that remains of the "cycleway" is a set of old stairs.

California Cycleway, via Wikipedia
Officially established in 1903, Hermon boasts a quaint downtown business district, lovely historic homes, several schools and fantastic public parks...and most importantly, maintains a small-town feel despite it's central location.

Check out some gorgeous area homes after the jump: 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Venice Neighborhood Meet

It was a beautiful day in my neighborhood on Saturday so I strolled down to Abbot Kinney to check out The Venice Meet - an open air marketplace featuring a curated  assembly of "local craftspeople, independent musicians, and specialty food artisans".  The eclectic selection of handmade wares and edible offerings along with the welcoming vibe, contributed to what I found to be a very enjoyable community event and a great way to spend a lovely spring day. I'm glad that the founders of Venice Meet have planned for it to be a monthly occurrence!

Here are some highlights to wet your appetite for next month's market:

Friday, April 6, 2012

Walking music for your weekend: Emeli Sandé

This soulful jam from British/Scottish R&B singer/songwriter Emeli Sandé will put some pep in your step.

Thanks to Andrea at Fly Girl Blog for making the intro!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Sunny Day in Silver Lake

Oh how I love Sunset Junction, the wildly eclectic enclave nestled in LA's Silver Lake district. With its slightly gritty feel and unique mix of locally-owned boutiques, ethnic eateries, apothecaries and watering holes, the area often draws comparisons to Brooklyn, NY (mostly from east coast refugees).  Locals are extremely loyal to - and protective of - the neighborhood...and with good reason; a large part of the charm is due to the  "ma and pop shop" feel and absence of big box chain stores and commercial retailers.

"Sunset Triangle" images courtesy of
Sunset Junction recently gained yet another attractive feature when one of the adjoining streets was transformed into a pedestrian friendly plaza alternately known as Sunset Triangle.  The 11,000 square foot site now serves as an informal town square triangle and community gathering place thanks to the City of Los Angeles Planning Committee's Streets for People (S4P) initiative, which converts underutilized areas into public spaces:

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Country Club Park

Country Club Park sign @ 12th and Arlington 
Located between Olympic and Pico (to the north and south), and Western and Crenshaw (to the east and west), the historic Country Club Park neighborhood was named for its close proximity to the original Los Angeles Country Club (which has since moved to Wilshire Boulevard, just west of Beverly Hills). Despite a somewhat obscure location by today's standards, the area boasts a coterie of beautifully maintained early 20th century residences that make you feel as if you're taking a stroll through the Golden Age of Californian history.

Definitely worth a walk.

Here are some of the architectural wonders you will see if you take the time to follow suit.
Gorgeous Country Club Park house
they sure don't make 'em like they used to...

Koreatown Love. (part 3)

In my latest tribute to Koreatown, I'm shining a spotlight on one of the most historically significant architectural feats that Los Angeles has yet to boast. The famed Ambassador Hotel, where Robert F. Kennedy was assassinated in 1968, was demolished in 2006 after years of disuse.  In its place now stand a public memorial park and the sprawling environmentally sound campus of RFK community schools.  Despite its completion  in 2010, I wasn't fully aware of project until until I laid eyes on its magnificence earlier this week!  It only goes to show how redemptive a good walk can be.